A Visitor

An asteroid landed in my backyard last night. I went out to take a look. The asteroid glowed because of the frictional heat from entering the atmosphere. I was thinking I would look the same way if I fell from space. I’m sure it would scare my dog.

I got out a hose and watered down the asteroid. It created a temporary geyser. The sudden temperature change caused the space rock to crack in half. Inside the rock was a tiny creature. The tiny creature crawled out of the rock and up to my feet.

This reminded me of the ad for the movie Green Lantern. I was excited because I might be getting super powers. But then I was discouraged because I would have to do a bunch of things to protect the Universe.

The tiny creature said, “Good evening. My name is Blip. And you are?”

I said, “Brooks.”

The tiny creature said, “Good to meet you, Brooks. I have come from the planet Klorn. My planet is dying and inhospitable. I was wondering if it would be okay if I stay with you? I promise to be very helpful around the house.”

I said, “Sure.” Normally I would have said no, but that’s the power of good manners.

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