Today I clutter busted with Pete Townsend. I was nervous on my way over to his house because I like his music. It’s hard being a fan of someone. You can’t actually speak with them because of the tremendous amounts of saliva in your mouth. It’s like your mouth is one of those constant fountains in a dog park.

But when I showed up to work, I was a professional, and my mouth returned to its temperate climate. We went through his guitar collection. Townsend had over 2,000 guitars. I asked him how many he actually plays. Townsend said only one at a time.

I think authors can’t help but be witty. It was like the time I clutter busted for the famous math genius, Professor Gerald Lambeau. Lambeau mostly spoke in math theorems. I didn’t know if they were correct, but his confident delivery made my fold my intellect.

Townsend became reflective and said he was thinking of giving up music and all his belongings and becoming a hobo and roaming the countryside. I said that’s something you don’t have to order from a catalog or stand in line for.

4 Responses to “Whom”

  1. Ceci says:

    Brooks that would have been so cool to visit Pete Townsend's home, I would have been dribbling too, teehee. Did he actually get rid of any of his 2000 guitars?
    I just have a question for you regarding one of the videos of yours I looked at and I was surprised that yout got the lady to put all her stuff in the garbage bin, would you normally suggest people do this, or do you encourage them to donate things first, or is there a reason why you prefer to get them to dump things in the bin? 🙂

  2. HI Cici,

    With the client in the video, it was best for her to let go of her things that way. There was a strong sense of 'never more' for her by dumping the stuff into the trash. Most of the time people donate.

    The Pete Townsend story was a fantasy. I was imagining what it would be like to clutter bust for him.

  3. Ceci says:

    Oh! Well you certainly fooled me, you wrote it so deadpan and as if you were recalling it (Townsend became reflective etc) that I believed you, LOL. 😉

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