At Least He Tried

I went for another night hike. This time in Flagstaff. I merged with a pack of coyotes. They were out looking for dinner. I don’t like being alone, so I went along with them.

The coyotes followed the scent of a fox. They yelped and ran in the fox’s direction.

The coyotes cornered the fox. The fox suddenly stood on its hind legs and said, “What if instead I were to cook you a delicious meal back at my lair?”

The coyotes didn’t want any part of the diversion. But I said, “Look, what’s the point of life if we don’t stop what we’ve been doing and try something new?” I think because I was an outsider and was tall, they considered what I had to say and agreed.

We all went to the fox’s home. The fox added things to a big pot and lit a fire underneath. After an hour, the fox served all the coyotes and myself a bowl of his concoction. It was horrible and we ate the fox.

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