It’s Only Rock and Roll

There was a blip. Suddenly Mick Jagger had never become famous.

As a teen, Mick did met Keith Richards. They talked about music. But then they went their separate ways and never spoke again.

Mick auditioned for various bands but was never hired. Though he did get up on stage once and sing a drunken La Bamba with a band for his friend Chalmer’s wedding.

Jagger wrote some songs which were never recorded or sung in public. One was called Cheshire Cat. It went like this:

Cheshire Cat,
What a grin,
I can’t imagine
what you’re thinking

Mick Jagger is now 67. He’s retired from his job as a train engineer. Mick has some health issues from shoveling and inhaling coal dust.

Deep down within Mick Jagger is the tiniest spark of a desire to be a singer in a popular band. He believes it’s still possible.

Mick summons his courage and auditions for, “Yes, You Too Can Be a Star!” at the local community center. Mick is stunned to make it to the final round. The audience is behind him because he’s old, bald and awkward. Mick sings, “We Got the Beat” and wins third place.

Mick goes home, places his trophy on the mantle. He sits down and admires what he’s done. Mick turns on the TV. He falls asleep and dreams of his old friend Keith. They strum guitars and sing lullabies to new born babies.

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