What Else Would You Expect

I was out walking in Golden Gate park when I found a hole in the ground. It was just big enough for me to slide through. I followed the hole down thirty feet till I came to a cave.

I called out, “Hello,” which roundly echoed for a minute. Hello is a nullifier in a potentially dangerous situation. But a benign one. Kind of like putting your hands in front of your face when being approached by an oncoming train.

I think I thought there would be ghosts of cave men, or perhaps an espoused dragon in the midst. But lo and behold there was none but a mighty cricket.

I said, “Oh, it’s only you.”

The cricket said, “Your non-chalance is a shaky and timid barrier for your proclivity towards loneliness. At least do me the honor of a show of your personal bereavement.”

I cried and said, “Yes, it’s true.”

I’m continually astounded at the intuitional know-it-allness of insects.

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