As a Snowman

I was out walking and got lost in a snowstorm. Eventually I was snow covered. I froze and went into hibernation. It’s something I’ve never done before. It’s like when you get a computer and you don’t use half the programs, but then one day you get a new need, and lo and behold, you find the program in your hard drive.

While in hibernation, I dreamnt non-stop. Months went by. Eventually I got so used to dreaming that I believed it was my real life.

Then came the Spring thaw. I woke up to snow melting down my body. It was such a bizarre situation from what I was used to that I figured it was a dream.

A woman came walking by and saw me and ran up and hugged me, saying, “Oh my God, I thought you were dead.” She brushed the rest of the snow off of me. I didn’t know who she was. She said she was my wife. I had an inkling she was right, but my memories were still blank. I think she figured being frozen made me forget, so she didn’t get angry at me.

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