I felt sad. But there was no reason.

My dog Rexy said, “How about a walk-about?”

I said, “Really, do you have to go again?”

Rexy said, “No, it’s where you walk in the desert with no destination. It clears your mind and opens you up to insightful visions.”

I said okay and set out on my walk-about. I walked for about three hours when I came upon an iguana. I nodded. The iguana winked.

I said, “I’m just looking for insights.”

The iguana said, “About another mile north.”

I thanked the iguana and moved on.

I walked north till my foot pedometer said one mile. I stood and looked around. There was nothing but a cactus.

I said to the cactus, “How goes it?”

The cactus said, “Not much. Just another day. And you?”

I said, “Lately I’ve been sad for no reason.”

The cactus said, “A reason is as useful as a name plate next to a painting.”

I said, “Are you saying the name plate helps or detracts?”

The cactus got angry and said, “I thought it was clear that the name plate is unnecessary.”

I said, “I’m sorry…But isn’t the name plate necessary to help you know who painted the work and what he or she was hoping to convey?”

The cactus said, “No, you’re taking the pointer in the wrong direction. What I was saying is that the painting in and off itself is enough. To look for more, for a reason, will bring disappointment.”

I thought that the cactus was irritable because it needed to be watered. I dumped the remaining contents of my water bottle on its roots.

A colorful yellow flower sprouted from the cactus. This made me happy and erased my sadness. I walked back home.

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