Uncomfortable with Change

I became a drop of water. I didn’t know how this happened. I don’t do drugs. I wasn’t drunk. I have a good imagination, but I’m not the type to daydream. So there I was, a drop of water, dripping out of my kitchen sink.

I dropped and landed in the drain. I acclimate pretty fast, so I accepted the change and enjoyed the ride down the drain pipe. Soon I was in the sewers. I was no longer just a drop, but part of a stream of water.

I was flowed out into to the lake where I was pushed around as a wave and passed through by fish. And then I got overwhelmed by all the recent changes and I sort of just stopped.

A water molecule bumped into me.

The water molecule said, “Hey, what the frig is going on?”

I said, “I’m not supposed to be here.”

The water molecule said, “There’s no supposed to’s. Just go!”

I said, “No really, I’m not water, I’m a human. There’s been a glitch.”

The water molecule got frustrated and said, “You’re having a tantrum because your outrageously assumed outcome didn’t coalesce into this.”

I said, “It’s not outrageous. My experience defies reality.”

The water molecule said, “A reality you were used to. Our conditioning is constantly in flux thus rendering any viewpoint unstable.”

It was then I turned back into human Brooks. I tread water to stay afloat. The water molecule balanced on my nose.

The water molecule said, “Oh, shit. This is too much for me,” and slid off my nose.

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