The Awkwardness Continues

I was out trimming the vines when the ghost of Ponce de León appeared. He said that I was an artist with the shears and he just wanted to watch. I’m a sucker for appreciation so I clipped away with great flair.

When I was done,the ghost of Ponce de León joined me for tea out in my garden. He wore traditional clothes from the late 1400’s. It used to bother me that ghosts continue to wear the clothes that were popular when they were alive. Wouldn’t they want to wear something new and trendy? But then I still wear the clothes I loved in high school so I got it.

The ghost of Ponce de León loves writing his name. He kept scribbling it on his paper napkin. I said, “I wish I had your kind of self-confidence. Oh, the things I could do.”

The ghost of Ponce de León said, “Most have not been as great as me. But then look at me now. As dead as the leaf fallen from the tree.”

I said, “Ah, but such great colors of rust, crimson and mustard.” Oh, my God, the ridiculous things I say to make anyone feel better.

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