Waiting for the Train

I’m waiting for the train. I’d like to share some of the things that I see around me.

There’s a guy dressed in a suit. His cell phone doesn’t seem to be working. He just threw it on the ground and now he’s grinding it to pieces with his foot. Oh, my. The phone is ringing. He’s panicking. Now he’s on the ground, talking into the shattered pieces of his cell phone.

A woman a few feet away is weeping. She has a book open on her lap. I see a photo of a woman crying. She noticed that I’m looking and closed her book. The cover of the book features a photo of a crying baby. The title is, “Cry Your Way to Happiness.”

A train is stopping on the other side of the tracks. As people are getting out the train is shrinking. As the last person gets out, the train is the size of a match box.

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