The ghost of Charlie Chaplin wandered by this morning. He told me that he wished he was still making movies. I said I wished I was in Aruba. It’s an island off of South America that my dad used to take us for Christmas vacation. The water was clear blue sky. The sun came down and put its arm around you.

Charlie Chaplin asked if I had a film camera so we could shoot a movie. I said I didn’t have one, but we could use the camera in my computer. He got excited and took over as writer and director. He said I would be a forest sprite who dances all day long. He pointed the computer’s camera in my direction and yelled, “Dance nature sprite, dance!”

I danced but didn’t feel good about it. Sometimes I get so enamored by celebrities. If they weren’t famous I could easily ignore them. But because they enchanted me in the past, I owe them.

Chaplin yelled, “Wonderful, I can feel your pathos!”

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