My living room split open and I looked down into the pit of hell. The thing is, the heat was nice. It was twenty-two degrees outside. My apartment is not well insulated and I can never get warm enough.

I stripped down to my shorts and sat at the edge of the opening to hell. My dog Rexy sat next to me with the leash in her mouth. I said, “Sure” and we ventured down into the fiery pits.

I marveled at the flames. I’m just okay at starting and maintaining a fire in a fire place. Plus I have to constantly adjust the logs with a poker and then keep adding kindling and paper. I never get a chance to sit back and enjoy.

Rexy and I walked for a long while. Finally we came upon the Devil. We introduced ourselves and expressed our gratitude. The Devil was taken aback. I think you give someone a gift when you say thanks.

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