No Use Knockin’

This morning I was trying to write songs on my guitar. Nothing good was showing up. Creativity is like an odd way of dating. You set aside the time, take a shower, get dressed up and wait at the door and hope by chance that someone happens to come by and take you out.

So there I was frustratingly strumming away like an old maid to dismal rhymes when the ghost of Bobby Charles showed up. I freaked. He wrote “See You Later, Alligator.” That’s right up there with “Yes, We Have No Bananas.” I was sweating and trembling. He told me he appreciated the sentiment.

I told Bobby Charles that I wish I could write and sing like him. He said his wasn’t an easy life. He struggled with his songs. Occasionally and rarely the clouds would part and suddenly there was, “No Use Knockin.”

I said I wish I could stop thinking that I’m on the bottom of the rungs of life. I was tired of looking up at the asses of those I admire.

Bobby Charles said we’re all on same step, and there’s only one step. What we’re looking up at is our reflection.

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