I lost touch with the times and couldn’t get back in sync. As usual I got in my time machine. I set the destination dial for 1,000,000 years ago and traveled back. I got out and took in the vast treeless region. I adored the openness, the lack of buildings and people.

Everyone I knew was dead because they had yet to be born. It was funny that I could think of them when they hadn’t been created. I felt like an author.

I looked down and saw a glob of slime. I was meeting my ancestors. I remember my physics teacher in high school saying, “Everything has simple beginnings.” Then I thought, “With development comes complexity comes difficulty.” I wondered if it was possible to have the simple awareness of the glob and be a standing human.

Then I noticed the slime rubbing affectionately against my foot. I picked up the slime and hugged it. The glob vibrated. I cried.

I got back in the time machine with the slime in my jacket pocket and came back to this now. The primordial slime and I have been inseparable since. Last night we saw Secretariat together. We loved it even though we knew ahead of time that Secretariat would win the Triple Crown.

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