Going With the Flow

Last night I was playing blackjack at the Golden Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluff, Iowa. I was in the hole about $8000. I didn’t want to stop and then have to go out to the car and deal with my dog, Rexy. He can smell when I lose and won’t stop barking at me. I can’t believe I thought that having a smart dog that can speak English would be a good thing!

I was down to my last dollar. I’d already prayed to God with the promise that if I won big I would stop gambling (not including the lottery, and not including gambling because I’m okay with God being upset at me). I figured, “What, the hello!” I went to the slots area and put the dollar in a Wheel of Fortune machine. I lost.

I took the dour walk to my car. Rexy saw me and started barking like crazy. I went the other way till I got to the freeway and hitchhiked. I got picked up by a trucker heading to Canada.

The trucker said, “Can I tell you about Jesus?”

I said, “No, I’m Jewish.”

The trucker said, “Christ was a Jew.”

I said, “Sure.”

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