Oh, I See

I walked by a church this morning. The sign outside said the sermon was, “God Loves You. Stopping Trying to Break Up With Him.” I went in.

The priest was going on and on about how we are constantly thwarting the good things that God tries to give to us.

I raised my hand. The priest was taken aback. He kept talking though. So I stood up and cleared my throat and waved my hand above my head.

The priest finally said, “What?”

I said, “I like God. I don’t appreciate your inferences.”

The priest said, “You must have read the sign outside. You knew what this sermon was about. Why did you bother to come in?”

I said, “You’re right. Sorry.”

I left and went for a walk. I thought, “Why do I sometimes get myself involved in unnecessary chaos?”

Just then God showed up next to me.

God said, “You’re my wind up toy. You go where I wish.”

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