Petals and Thorns

I have a pet dinosaur. I found it on a trip to Arizona two years ago.

I looked it up on Wikipedia. It’s called an Ornithomimosaurs. It’s an ostrich dinosaur. I call it Rex. My sister says that’s ridiculous because it’s not a Tyrannosaurus Rex. She’s more technical than me and I forgive her.

Yesterday I took Rex for a walk. People love Rex and want to pet him on the head. But Rex is reactionary and once bit off a guy’s arm. So I have to tell people to stay away. It hurts their feelings and that makes me uncomfortable.

Last night I watched the Godfather Part 3 while Rex laid his head on my lap. Rex loves the Godfather movies. Especially the Godfather Part 3. I can’t stand that movie. But I watch it because Rex could eat me while I’m sleeping. I guess everything’s a rose with the stem attached.

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