There’s a volcano in my backyard. Mostly its dormant. Those are the boring times. I really like when the lava flows.

Recently the volcano’s been dormant for months.

I went up to the volcano and said, “How about today?”

The volcano shrugged.

I got frustrated and got out my shovel and started to dig a hole in the volcano. At first the volcano gave me a look of, “Are you kidding me?”

Six hours later a vein of lava started coming through the hole I was digging. The amazing thing about lava is it looks like the Sun’s tears. I thought, “Oh, my God, how can something be so bright?”

I stepped away and watched the lava flow out of the hole and down the hill. The lava soon reached my house, setting it on fire.

The volcano said, “You brought it on yourself.”

I never know what to say when someone chastises me.

2 Responses to “Lava”

  1. Phil says:

    "The lava soon reached my house, setting it on fire."

    Sorry Brooks, but that part made me LOL!
    (Lava-ed Out Loud, in this case)

    And, "the Sun's tears"……another beautiful piece of writing. Please make sure your typewriter keys don't get melted together.


  2. I'm glad you can laugh at my misfortune.

    My computer is made of graphite which amazingly is fire-proof.

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