I went to an apple picking farm today. I went off by myself in search of the juiciest apple. I had to walk a mile by the time I found the tree. The apples were so ripe that the branches were bent to the ground.

Normally I don’t care for apples. I think they look great. They look like shiny hearts on stems. But I never eat them.

But today I had this strange hunger. I ate the first apple and really enjoyed it. Then I ate a few more. Soon I’d eaten thirty. That’s a lot. I think it’s like drinking five gallons of water with a meal. My stomach was actually sloshing back and forth.

I laid down under the tree and fell asleep. I dreamnt of the tree I just feasted from. The tree said, “Thanks. I appreciate what you did for me. I couldn’t hold the weight anymore. That’s why I called you here today.” It probably helps to know that things that normally can’t speak, do well communicating in dreams.

I said, “I’m glad I could help.” That’s true. I look for ways to help.

The tree said, “I hope you’re stomach will be okay.”

I said, “I’ll be okay.” But the truth is, I wasn’t sure.

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