Zipper 567

I own a company that makes large scale ice cube makers. It all started ten years ago when I invented and patented the Zipper 567. It’s a machine that cuts 5500 ice cubes a minute. I had a dream where I saw a dragon smiling with a zig-zag grin. When I woke up I drew the pattern of the dragon’s incisors. I played with the pattern until I realized it was an inspirational design for the perfect ice cube maker.

I had the Zipper 567 built and I tested it and lo and behold I knew I found my calling. I called my ice cube invention the Zipper 567 because I’m in awe of zippers. Metal is hard and sharp. But a zipper allows metal to flow together plain and simple. But zippers aren’t stuck up. They have a sense of humor. You hear it every time you zip. I added the 567 because it sounds like science.

With all the success that has come from selling the Zipper 567 to ice cube companies all over the world, I never get bored with people’s uncomprehending reaction that I don’t use ice cubes in my drinks. I like what I drink to be warm. When liquids are warm, they feel good in my mouth. I appreciate others desires for ice cubes. When guests come to my home, I offer them ice cubes in their drinks and they usually say, “Yes.”

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