Test Batch

Today I got a letter in the mail that contained a hundred dollar bill. There was a note attached to it that read, “You have been selected by the Federal Treasury to test our new batch of hundred dollar bills. Please spend this one today and write back to us about your experiences.”

I went to Schallmer’s Bakery a few blocks from my house. I ordered a scone. I’ve never had one before. I always wondered what scones tasted like, but I also hate wasting money, so I never took the chance. But today was different. I had a job to do. I bought the scone and sat down and ate it.

The scone was just okay. It was a little dense. I’m more of a donut man. I like my desserts light and fluffy so I can focus on the taste, rather than the chewing. In order to feel better, I put the remaining $97.63 in the tip jar. The guy who served me the scone wouldn’t stop thanking me. He had tears in his eyes.

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