Wishful Thinking

I went to the wishing well, tossed in my quarter and said, “I’d like peace of mind.”

The wishing well said, “Are you kidding me?”

I said, “What do you mean?”

The wishing well said, “That kind of talk will put me out of business. When people feel peaceful they stop wanting stuff. And then I’ll have to go back to just giving drinks to thirsty people.”

I said, “That sounds like a worthwhile service. Plus you wouldn’t have to listen to the relentless, whining demands for stuff.”

The wishing well said, “It is pretty exhausting. This morning a lady came by and told me she wanted to find Prince Charming. I said, “You’re looking at him.” She got mad and called the Better Business Bureau. They’re threatening to take away my membership. This kind of crap never happened when I was a water fountain!”

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