Behind the Scenes in the Blogojevich Jury Room

I was a juror in the Rod Blogojevich trial. As we sat in the jury room we tried to go over the evidence. But the thing is, it’s hard for a group of people to focus on one thing. Soon we were watching TV. At first we watched news commentary about the trial. We started pretending we were the commentators.

I said, in a newsy voice, “How can the jurors consider the overwhelming evidence and not find the former Governor guilty of smoking behind the 7-11 with his circus bear friend, Mirandy?”

A juror named Cindy said, “I couldn’t disagree with you more! The jurors must consider that fact that they are stuck in a room with a bunch of people they would never chose to hang out with and they are being paid, $37.50 a day.”

Then we took apart the table and all the chairs and made a reproduction of Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson.

Afterwards we all took a nap. As I lay there, I was a little uncomfortable because I love naps, but I always take them alone. How could I be relaxed enough in a room of strangers to fall asleep? But then I realized that since my eyes were closed, I could pretend I was alone. I fell asleep in seconds.

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