When Being Cheap Backfires

It was 95 degrees this morning. I have a hard time with being hot. My body resists the high temps. I think it’s the resistance to being cooked. I like being warm. But I don’t like being dinner.

So I go the other way. I opened up and went inside my freezer. I brought a flashlight and The Old Man and the Sea by Hemingway. It’s a short book. I finished it within the hour. I was enjoying the decreased temperature, so I layed down and took a nap.

The problem is when I woke up I was encased in a ice. Yes, I do like being cooler, but not when it restricts my movements. I tried breathing hot air on the ice. I’ve always been fascinated with my ability to either breathe out hot or cool air. I don’t want to know how I do it though because it will rob me of the mystery.

My hot air attempts didn’t work though because my air froze when it left my mouth. I thought, “Dammit, it would have been so much easier if I’d just bought that air-conditioner at Sears!”

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