Flexie’s Discovery and the Dangerous Result

My dog Flexie was going nuts in my backyard. She was digging a pretty big hole. Normally I don’t mind because I think it’s good for the yard. I aerates the dirt and makes what’s left of the grass thick and green.

But this time she’d dug about thirty feet and was still going. This would certainly interfere with my croquette matches with my neighbors, the Dumpstetts.

I yelled at Flexie, “No, Flexie, bad dog, bad dog!” I can’t believe I even still say that. She just knows that she’s got about twenty seconds to go intense and finish what she’s doing before I pick her up and make her stop.

I jumped into the hole as she was uncovering the missile. I know, I was surprised too. She started barking at it and was about the bite the cone when I picked up her up. Talk about being too close for comfort. If she had bit the cone and the rocket exploded, she would certainly have lost her nose. That’s a hard experience for a dog.

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