Fish Story

I went deep sea fishing today. I had a powerful fishing line that was made of tungsten steel. The fishing rod was bolted to the boat. I was determined to catch something big and powerful.

This thing is, when I caught the guppy I was initially angry. The other people on the boat made fun of me because I had boasted a sure thing catch like a marlin or whale. As the guppy twitched on the fishing line, it noticed everyone laughing at me, and me crying.

I think the guppy felt badly for me. It used all its might and resisted being caught. At first I was the only one that noticed. But then others saw the line swing back and forth. Then the bolts snapped and the fishing pole was pulled from the boat. I dove after the pole and fell into the water.

I was treading water and trying to reach the fishing pole. The guppy saw what had happened. The guppy came up to me and said, “Wow, I didn’t realize I was so strong.”

I said to the guppy, “Oh, my God! I couldn’t believe it.”

The guppy said, “I know!!”

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