On Second Thought

I went to the wishing well. I took out my change purse to fish out a quarter for the wish and by accident I dropped the change purse in the well. I thought I’d better make the best of it and I went wish crazy.

I said to the well, “I want to eat as much candy as I want and never feel sick, I want to live on the moon for a month and not have it be photographed by NASA, I wish the hardwood floors in my apartment became trees again and I would be living in a tree house, I want people to like me but not tell me because that would be exhausting, I want my shoulder muscles to not be tense, I want to be a blog sky writer because I would have more readers and it would be impossible for that Japanese company to spam my blogs, I want to be rich enough to not even know I have money, I want a fig tree that produces 25 new figs a day-“

The well interrupted me and said, “Wait, that’s too fast, can you go back to the one about candy?”

I said, “Nevermind.”

I went home and was greeted at the door by my pet Turtle, Schalmus. Schalmus took my hat and coat. I sat down and Schalmus brought me a hot toddy. I took a sip and relaxed. I thought, “Seriously, I have everything I need.”

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