Letting Go

This morning I was having breakfast in my tree house, looking through my extra thick Webster’s Dictionary when I fell in. I fell through many words. There was syncopationess, benefactortion, and peripheralocity. Each word was upset and said things like, “Hey, watch it!”, “What the hell?”, and “For Christsakes!”

I ended up getting tangled up in It’s.

It’s said, “Watch where you’re going!”

I said, “I’m sorry. I’m stuck, can you help me?”

It’s tried stretching to give me space so I could get out, but it was no use.

I said, “I’m stuck on your apostrophe. Could you drop it so I can get free?”

It’s said, “No, my apostrophe is essential.”

I said, “To you, but not to me.”

It’s said, “Without my apostrophe, people will mistake me for Its.”

I said, “I get it, but most people know longer know the distinction. I think your apostrophe is no longer serving you.”

It’s sighed. Its hard knowing a part of your life is obsolete.

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