Misc. Tears

I couldn’t stop crying. I didn’t know why. I was embarrassed because I was drinking a tea at Starbucks and people were staring at me. A woman came up and asked me what was wrong. I sobbed that I didn’t know. Someone guy taped me with his phone and put it on youtube. I saw some people pointing at me from outside through the front window.

Eventually the manager asked me to leave because I was disturbing people’s beverage time.

I went outside and cried as I walked down the street. A dog came up to me and said, “I found a ball and I want to know if you’d like to play catch?”

I accepted the invitation. We went to an alley and I threw the ball and the dog ran after it. I was still crying. But since the dog didn’t mind I was okay because it was like rain when you’re wearing a bathing suit.

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