A Welcome Change

Last night I accidentally left the freezer open. When I woke up this morning my apartment walls and floor were coated in ice. My hair was frozen. I had an icicle hanging from my nose. The best part was watching my breath form in tiny clouds.

I actually enjoyed it. That was weird for me to notice because I don’t care for the low temperatures in winter. People that know me will say that during the winter months I complain a lot and wish for an early spring.

I took advantage of this situation and slid across the floor. Voluntary sliding is the next best feeling to flying. I slid all the way into the kitchen. I woke up my dog. He got up fast and slid into the wall. This shattered the ice that had formed on the living room wall. The sound of breaking ice makes me feel that everything is going to be okay. Except the time when I was six and ice slid off the roof of our house and landed on my head.

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