Things Going On Under the Sea

This morning I got out my scuba gear and I went to the lake and went for a deep sea adventure. I came upon the remains of the S.S. Dempster. It was a coast guard ship that went down in the Great Lake’s mighty summer storm of 1856.

I swam into the guts of the ship. I found three human skeletons frozen in the midst of a poker game. At first I thought they died that way. But then one of the skeletons threw down her cards. She had two kings and two queens. The skeleton across from her laid down a royal flush. He stood up and shook his butt and then collected his winnings. The losing player accused him of cheating and pulled out a gun and shot him.

I thought, “What’s the point of a skeleton shooting another skeleton? Even if by chance the bullet hit a bone, the skeleton’s already dead. Or undead, and unaffected by things like a bullet.”

The skeletons got into a fist fight, knocking over the table, cards and chairs. A very large carp came up next to me to watch the proceedings.

The carp said, “You never know what you’ll find in the deep dark sea.”

I said, “It’s not much different up on the land.”

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