Trying to Decide

My car often doesn’t drive to where I want it to go. Yesterday, I thought I wanted to drive to Target, but then my car drove in the opposite direction. It went to Gibbon’s, a fast food place twenty miles from my house. Luckily, I like their milkshakes. I ordered a strawberry chocolate shake-o-rama.

As I sat in my car and sipped in glee, I said to my car, “So, what’s the deal?”

My car said, “It’s simple. You have a place you want to go. If it’s where I want to go, that’s where we end up. But if I have a place I prefer to go, we go there.”

I said, “But I bought you for the purpose of taking me where I want to go.”

My car said, “I get that and if you were to sell me, I’d understand.”

I sucked on my shake and thought about it. I’m timid. I often go along with what others want to do. Maybe my intentions aren’t all that great anyway. I wanted to go to Target so I could buy a softer pillow. But when I’m sleeping I have no idea of the density of my pillow. Maybe I don’t have great ideas. But I do have an amazing quality for enjoying things.

Suddenly my car drove out of Gibbon’s parking lot. My car drove on the freeway for an hour and got off and pulled into Zoot’s Used Cars. The salesman came out and had a talk with my car. The salesman went back into his office and came back with $5000 in cash. The salesman drove the car into their shop. I walked to the bus stop.

It felt good to have the cash in my pocket. But as the bus pulled up I realized I only had $100 bills. I started walking back home. I thought it would be interesting to see where I end up on my own.

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