Saved By the Dead!

I went to a friend’s funeral. People brought little things that helped remind them of him. As his casket was lowered into the grave, the mourners tossed in their stuff. I waited till everyone was done and then dumped in a three boxes of classic rock albums: Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Alice Cooper and more. These were bands we went to see back in high school. The albums covered up the casket.

One album wouldn’t come out of the box. It was Frampton Comes Alive! My friend and I went to see Peter Frampton in concert back in 1978. We had a great time. The sun was shining. No one threw up on us. We met a lot of great looking girls and got their numbers. I beat the back of the box, but the album was steadfast. I held the box as one of the funeral attendees pulled on the album but it wouldn’t budge.

I didn’t fight it. I took the album home with me. I put side four on my turn table and listened to Do You Feel Like We Do. Suddenly the ghost of my friend appeared in my living room. He stood there with his hands on his hips.

He said, “Seriously, why are you listening to this crap?”

I said, “What? I figured since it didn’t come out of the box that you wanted me to listen to it.”

He said, “No. I didn’t want Frampton’s album in my grave. I don’t like his music. I hated the concert. Dude, snap out of it!”

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