Fell Into the Well Again

I fell into the well again this morning. I went to get a pail of water from the well and while there I got entranced by the sun reflecting on the well’s water and I fell in. I always feel stupid when this happens. It’s not like when I trip and fall. That makes me feel embarrassed. But not stupid. Plus I get up and continue walking.

But here I was stuck in the bottom of the well. Now I had to wait for my wife to come by for water and notice me. There would be the usual maddening question, “How did you get down there?” And she’s not good with mechanical things and she’ll get frustrated and make things worse. Last time she ended up down there with me. She cried at first, but then she’d turn things around by saying it was nice to have private time with me.

Today was different though. I started exploring and was sucked into the underground river. I flowed for a couple of miles and ended up in Mildred Filmore’s well as she was drawing up her pail. I was glad to be saved, but it was awkward because Mildred has a crush on me and she thought this predicament meant I felt the same way.

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