I’m Back

Creedence Clearwater Revival felt bad about leaving me out on a deserted highway at night in 1969 and came back and picked me up. I understood them leaving me out there in the first place. Musicians are sensitive and things that wouldn’t bother most of us can make them go crazy. But then they write songs about it and become millionaires. It’s actually the most ideal kind of recyclying.

We pulled into the parking lot of the Poughkepsie Civic Center. CCR let me join them for sound check. John Fogerty stopped mid Fortunate Son and asked his brother Tom to temporarily let me take his place as rhythm guitarist. I merrily joined in.

I was having a great time when I felt the air wobble. There was a loud humming sound. Parts of me disappeared-reappeared-then disappeared. I recognized this as the familiar in-between place of time-travel. I was moving forward through time as I passed my eight year-old self falling back into 1969. We smiled at one another and high-fived.

Then I was back in today mid-strum of Fortunate Son with John Fogerty and his traveling band.

John looked over at me and winked. He knew what was going on. We musicians seem to have an affinity with another when playing music. It’s an amazing feeling that I have nowhere else in my life. This makes up for the low tour pay, lousy road food, and trying to sleep on the tour bus’ bunk beds.

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