Fortunate Son

I got a job as rhythm guitarist for John Fogarty’s traveling band. John was the lead singer for Creedence Clearwater Revival back in the 1960s. I loved them as a kid. I had a black light felt poster of the band on my bedroom wall. So I was thrilled to become a new member of John’s band.

Tonight we were performing at the Poughkeepsie Civic Center. We launched into Fortunate Son. That song meant so much to me as a kid that I was transported back in time to when I was eight. There I was standing in my childhood bedroom in the midst of a C major 7th chord. My eight year old self was sitting on the bed reading a Hardy Boys Adventure book.

The current me said, “Don’t be alarmed, it’s me! The me that’s you later on.”

I was a fantasy kid so the younger me got it and said, “Cool! Wow, look at the guitar!” I took the guitar off and handed it to the younger me who strapped it on and strummed a big G chord. The thing is, it was such an electric amazingly connected moment that the eight year old me was transported to the stage of the Fogerty concert in Poughkeepsie and I was left alone in the younger me’s bedroom.

My parents came into the room and said, “What’s all the ruckus?” They saw me and were alarmed. My dad said, “What have you done with Brooks?” I knew better than to tell them, so I jumped out the window. I ran for a mile and hid down at the lake.

Luckily I have my iPhone. These things are pretty powerful because I’m writing you this blog post from 1969. Anyway, I was hoping you could send this to Concord Music Group, Fogerty’s label, so it can help unravel the mess of me as eight onstage with John. I was wearing Scooby Doo PJs and all my eight-year-old self knows is the G Chord.

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  1. Phil says:

    To: Concord Music Group
    re: Puzzling Perplexations in Poughkeepsie
    The Palmer Institute of Classic Rock and Time Travel wishes to assure you that last night's unusual occurances at The Poughkeepsie Civic Center were an isolated event, due to an anomaly in the space time continuum, brought on by a surge in power from Prof. Palmer's experimental nostalgia ray. Corrective actions have been taken and the tour will continue without any further age regressions,
    pajamas, or diminutions in musical range.
    Mr. Peabody
    Palmer Inst. Wayback Coordinator
    Brooks! I can't believe you were in Poughkeepsie and didn't notify me!! I'm on Long Island and would have transported up for the show. Oh well, maybe next anomaly.

  2. Thanks Phil…I think that will probably help. Fogerty is pretty nice and once his record label lets him know he'll probably write a song about it. Hopefully I'll make it back to 2010 soon and make amends.

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