Shhhh – Art Opening

Last night I had my big art opening at the Unicorn Cafe. The thing is, the cafe didn’t know about the opening. I did it at one am. My girlfriend is the janitor and she got me in with her key. We had to be sneaky because we couldn’t turn on the main lights. So we wore miner helmets. I love them. I actually use mine at night to read in bed. Miners are smart people because their life depends on it.

After we got all the art up on the walls, my girlfriend said that it wasn’t an opening unless people came to see the art beside us. We went to local homeless shelter to recruit openers. The great thing about homeless people is they are up all hours of the night. It’s hard to relax enough to sleep when you don’t have a home of your own.

When we got back to the cafe we decided to document the showing since in the morning the cafe owners would see what we’d done and ditch the art. We turned the lights on and took some quick shots.

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