It’s a little after midnight. I just crossed the Illinois boarder. My feet hurt. I feel like I’ve been walking about two months.

I think it was a romantic notion to walk back from Akron. I’ve often been inspired by grand ideals. When I was in second grade I decided to learn Russian. There was a foreign exchange student named Ivinka in my school. I had a made crush on her. I told her that I would learn Russian and travel back to live with her in her country at the end of Spring. I spent my entire allowance savings on Russian foreign language tapes. I studied and pushed my little weary mind to the brink. I mastered the language but ending up failing second grade and had to repeat. I didn’t end up going to Russia. My parents wouldn’t let me.

As I type and walk along the freeway, I’m being followed by a pack of coyotes. I think they’re attracted to the glowing light on my iPhone. Plus I’m exhausted which makes me probable food. I like their high pitched whining. It sounds like a dog’s voice if it came through a violin.

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