I’m on day 5 of my walk back to Chicago. This morning I passed through Gary, Indiana.

I was feeling tired and was uncertain about my progress today when I spotted a cow out in a field off the highway. I walked over to the cow.

I said, “Excuse me, I was wondering if I could have some of your refreshments?”

The cow said, “Sure, that would be okay.”

Usually I don’t care for milk. There isn’t much flavor and it’s so white. But this was delicious.

I said, “That was so tasty, thanks!”

The cow said, “You’re welcome. Where are you from?”

I was feeling a little hallucinogenic from the milk and said, “I’m a child of the sun and the moon.” And then I started dancing out in the field. I held my arms out and sway danced in sloppy circles. I was joined by a purple and polka dot horse. Though, in retrospect, I doubt it.

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