Late Night Grieving

I recently got a job at a graveyard. I’m a security guard in the evenings. I make sure no one breaks into the cemetery. I patrol the grounds and look for suspicious things. Mostly it’s dark and quiet. This is good for my mind. Most jobs get me agitated and I say something wrong to my supervisor and I get fired.

Last night I was making my rounds when I came upon a horse. I was startled. Horses are much bigger than you think. The horse neighed. To calm the horse down I gave it a Milky Way bar that I had in my pocket. The interesting thing about horses is that they take their time with whatever they are eating. This horse took forty-five minutes. While it savored, I pet its head. I felt like I was petting a dinosaur with fur.

When the horse was done with its snack, I said, “What brings you out here?”

The horse said, “My person that used to ride me died last year. I came to visit her grave.”

I said, “What’s her name?”

The horse said, “Mildred Hayes.”

I looked up Mildred’s grave-site on my map. We walked over to Mildred’s grave.

I said, “I’ll give you some time to yourself” and walked on. I figured the horse would be there for a while since their hearts are so big. I heard their hearts are as big as a toaster oven. I don’t know how they get over anything.

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