We Figured Out a Solution

The tree outside my apartment window has been keeping me awake at night. It’s spring and the tree grows leaves and extends branches at all hours of the day and night.

I kept quiet about my anger for a while because I like to see the new and shining limbs and leaves. But the sleep loss caught up to me and I went outside last night and said, “What the hell!”

The tree said, “Is there a problem?”

I said, “Seriously, can’t you wait until the morning?”

The tree said, “I took the entire winter off. I can’t afford to be idle.”

I said, “If you lived by yourself in a forest I could understand your position. But you’re keeping me awake.”

The tree thought about it and then said, “What if I promise to keep it down?”

I said, “I think that would be okay.”

I went back to bed. I laid there and listened. I thought I heard some rustling. But then I figured it was the wind, and I fell quickly asleep.

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