I love pinball. I have three pinball machines in my living room. One is a Star Wars pinball machine. Another is the rock band Styx pinball machine. And the third pinball machine’s theme is Little House on the Prairie.

Last night I was sleep walking and I woke up and discovered that I had somehow ended up in the Little House on the Prairie pinball machine. I would have been okay, but my wife, as she always does, sleep walk followed me and ended up at this particular pinball machine. I tried yelling at her to wake her up. But continued to snooze and in her unconscious state she turned on the Little House pinball and pulled back the lever and sent the metal ball flying.

I ran like a crazy man to avoid the ball. I leapt and and dodged. It was difficult. My wife is really good at pinball. In the midst of my dashing about, I thought about how funny it was that I was in a machine that never existed at the time of the story of Little House on the Prairie. The closest thing they had was a stick with a string that was attached to a ball. The Ingall girl’s got to play with it on Saturday’s when they finished their chores.

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  1. Russell says:

    I'm picturing what a LHOTP pinball machine would look like. It would have the Ingalls homestead, Olesons' store, the school/church, the mill…

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