Crossing the Street

I was standing at the corner, waiting for the light to change. A few minutes went by. Then five minutes. I got impatient. I thought of trying to take my chances and cross the road, but there was a lot of traffic.

Soon it was fifteen minutes. A few other people were standing with me. Someone commented that the light must be broken. Someone stepped out into the street. A car honked at them and the person jumped back on the curb.

A half hour later there were about twenty of us waiting at the curb for the light to change. One person was yelling at the cars to stop. Someone else called 911, but 911 said they could do nothing about it. Another person used their phone to go on facebook and complain about the circumstances.

The situation was exhausting so I laid down on a patch of grass and took a nap.

When I woke it was night. A dog was sniffing me.

I stood up. There was no one waiting for the light to change. The red street light came on. The walk sign lit up. I crossed the street.

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