What Passed By

I sat out on top the hill with my goat, Mr Terrance Strump. I ate a roast beef sandwich. He ate a tin can and a light bulb.

I said, “Today seems like a week. Not in a never ending kind of way. But like it’s stretched out with separate rooms without doors.”

Mr Strump said, “I’ve never seen time with divisions except that sometimes its darker than at other times.”

Suddenly a storm cloud appeared in the valley below. There were flashes of light and some thunder bellowing inside. A bolt of lightening shot out of the cloud and hit the apple tree. The tree went up in flames.

I said, “I really want some apple pie.”

Mr Strump said, “My life is easy because everything is edible.”

Daisy Seize came walking by. I said, “Hi, Daisy.” Mr Strump bayed.

Daisy Seize said, “Well, what do you know. Evanston’s two most handsome men, I knew it was going to be my lucky day.” She kept on her way and soon disappeared over the hill.

I said, “Goddamn, she drives me crazy!”

Mr Strump said, “I want to eat her shoes.”

One Response to “What Passed By”

  1. Russell says:

    A tin can and a light bulb–LOL! I like this post except for the swearing at the end.

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