Forgot and Remembered

I felt nostalgic and watched a super 8 movie of my first steps. I got so excited when I saw myself going for it. I went from a crawl to one foot on the ground. I shakily got the other foot in place. I wobbled and swayed in place. Somehow one leg shot out and I was triumphant! But then I fell flat on my face. Unfortunately it was on concrete. The camera got dropped while it was running and my dad came running over to help me. I was crying and my nose was bleeding. Our dog, Blendy, came into the picture and started licking the blood from my nose.

Blendy was an interesting dog. He used to howl at the sun. This embarrassed my dad and he wanted to return him to the pound but my mom wouldn’t let him. Blendy also got crushes on our neighbors’ cats. Blendy would try and hump them, but it wasn’t possible because he was a Great Dane. He would get into these contorted, shakey crouches and the cats would look back at Blendy and his bright red penis, with a “What the hell are you doing?” look.

That night after watching my first steps movie, I had a dream where I was sitting on the beach and Blendy came up to me and started licking my head.

I said, “Blendy, it’s you!”

Blendy said, “Hi, Brooks!”

I said, “Blendy, I’ve missed you.”

Blendy said, “Me too. How are you?”

I said, “Blendy, my life is very confusing. I’ve forgotten how to have fun.”

Blendy said, “That’s because it’s fun to remember.”

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