Successful Wishing

Things got really better in my life when I had a wishing well built in my backyard. I figured it would benefit me to have a wishing well that would only have my wishes. There would be no competitive wishes. The well would only focus on what I wanted.

In addition, the well had to made just right. I had to have the well walls made with limestone. Limestone is partially soluble, especially in acid. It’s forthright in the development of erosion which is necessary for wish development. When you make a wish, the energy of your intention transfers from you to the coin. The coin is then tossed into the well. There needs to be a significant amount of acid in the well’s water to erode the coin, which releases the wish into actuality.

I used to think that success in life comes from trying hard, or having a lot of luck. I tried both. Occasionally things would work out my way. But most of the time I’d be frustrated with the results. The wishing well works in accordance with my general sense of laziness and my love of Celtic folklore architecture.

Yesterday my neighbor asked if he could make a wish in my well. I had to say no. He said that I’m a selfish asshole. I felt badly. But then I tossed in a coin with the wish to feel better, and today I’m starting to feel happy again.

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