I LIke My Job

I own a potato farm. I make a living by selling the potatoes to local markets.

I tried growing lettuce but the bunnies kept coming in at night and eating most of the lot. I grew watermelon one summer, but I ate most of the crop. I even tried growing taffy. Taffy has one of the highest markups of any product on the market. But then I found out that taffy is a product of things that are grown out of the ground and I’m lousy at assembling things together.

The great thing about being a potato farmer is that the potatoes talk with you as you water them. I remember one morning when I was watering and a potato told me, “You know, you’re so dependable with the hose. I appreciate that so much that I don’t mind you’ll soon be picking me and selling me for meals.”

This made me cry. My tear went into the ground. The potato said, “Now that one tastes good!”

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