A Winter Accessory Has Something to Say

Brooks decided to take a break from writing his blog today and asked me to be a guest writer. I’m his winter scarf. Initially you might think, “how does a scarf type?” You know those tassels at the end of a scarf? Well, they have muscles and I developed them into excellent typing fingers. I’m quite proud of my skills!

I want to tell you about my history:

Many years ago, people shivered from the cold winter winds. They tried blocking the wind with their hands, but the wind slipped past and made people oh so cold. February 2nd, 1358 in Delcin, Italy a scarf was mysteriously found on the winter snow in the town square. People didn’t know what to make of it. One person said, “How could one wear this? There’s no holes to slide your legs, arms or head through?” Another said, “Maybe it’s a fabric sample that was lost by a traveling fabric salesman.”

A three year old girl was walking by with her parents. She was shivering so much that a witness said she looked blurry. She saw the scarf, went over and grabbed it and wrapped it around her neck. She stopped shivering. She actually did a little dance. Towns’ people were stunned. They went to Stenbrook, the town tailor and ordered scarfs from him. Thus the scarf was created.

Some think the original scarf was a gift from God. He saw that people were suffering and materialized a scarf. I think that’s probably not true. Anyway, I just wanted to share with you some of my history and to let you know I love my job!

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