I have a pet Pterodactyl. It’s name is Fido. She lives in the backyard. We tried keeping Fido indoors, but it kept knocking things over with its immense wingspan.

My favorite thing to do with Fido is take her out for walks. Most of the walk is spent in the air. Fido takes off and I’m flying behind her, gripping onto the leash. At first it made me nauseous. Pterodactyls are predatory creatures, and fly very high in the air, floating on air currents, as they scouted the ground for food. Fido would see a small furry creature and would do an immediate dive and gulp up the critter. The quick descent was hard on my stomach. But then, as with all things, I got used to the plunge.

The funny thing is, we have a poodle named Oodles who is great friends with Fido. They play in the backyard all day, and Fido has never once tried to eat Oodles. Fido will actually lay on her back while Oodles pretends to bite Fido’s neck.

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