Looking at Art

I couldn’t figure out what to do. So I wrote a letter to the Louvre in France. I put a lot of stamps on it. I brought it down to the mailbox. I got in the envelope, sealed it, and then fell into the mailbox.

For a couple of days I got tossed around a lot. The next thing I know the envelope is opened up. You should have seen the look on the person’s face. They said something in French. I got out of the envelope and stood up. It felt good to stretch. I looked at the person and shrugged because I don’t speak French.

I left the room and walked into a big open space. It turned out to be the lobby of the Louvre. I was so excited. I walked around and looked at the exhibits.

There was a really good one by Vermeer called the Lacemaker. He’s one of my favorite painters. His paintings are what cartoons would look like if they had sunlight.

There was a big line to see the Mona Lisa. I didn’t go because I don’t like standing in lines. It’s one of the reasons I don’t go to theme parks, even though I like the rides.

There was a whole wing of Renaissance paintings. They are well done. The thing is, when I look at them, I feel a connection with the person in the painting, and I can sense we are both thinking, “This is awkward.”

I couldn’t believe they had a Norman Rockwell exhibit. Museums don’t usually carry his paintings because he was happy.

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